Monday, 1 March 2010

Don't Worry About Me - the tv premiere

You will no doubt remember The Pool, which received its world premier at P-P four years ago. It then got turned into the movie Don't Worry About Me directed by TV star, David Morrissey. I've been charting its London Film Premieres and numerous appearances since, and now it's getting its tv debut - on BBC2 at 11.45 on Sunday night, just after the premiere of "In the Loop", which means it might get a pretty sizeable audience.
I haven't seen it, but I'll be setting the Humax in case I find I have to start propping up my eyelids with matchsticks.
Anyway, here's an interesting explanation by one of the screenwriters about how it all came to pass.

UPDATE: You have a few more days where you can watch it here. And if you missed it when it went out, and on the i-player, you can buy the DVD for a mere tenner. Or, if you're a cheapskate, you can enter this competition and try and get it free. ( Answer, Liverpool ). So, you've no excuse.

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