Friday, 28 October 2011


Monday 31st October brings us the AGM. There will be a fair amount to discuss: new committee members, new Programme Secretary, Player-Playwrights' first ever production, maybe even a new venue. Come along at 7.45. It's free!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Brokeback Britain

Two P-P shows got cancelled at this year's Camden Fringe. One for personal reasons, the other, because of the looters. Both are now a part of the Autumn Programme and the first, Brokeback Britain, is coming this Monday, October 24th to the Phoenix. Here's how the press release read back in August:

"Brokeback Britain is a satirical sketch show taking a skewed look at the Wild West State of UK 2011. Starring a government no one voted for, where all the banks have been robbed by the bankers and even the snake oil salesmen have been cut. Is Coalition Britain coalescing or falling apart? Are we turning into a cowboy country or the land of the free? Is Ed Milliband going to get an adenoidectomy? The show is a series of sketches about life under Dave and Nick. It's not merely political.

We'll look at how life is being lived in the Tenties. Is Western Civilisation having its last gasp? Will the cuts destroy us? Or the binge drinking? Or will the asteroid sneak in first? The tone is satire but the vehicle will be humour.

Brokeback Britain brings together a team of some of London's finest comedy writers and professional actors. It is produced by Eamon McDonnell and Tony Kirwood. Eamon has written two plays for the Camden Fringe: the sell-out 'Safe House' 2009 and 'Tell It Like It Is' 2010. Tony produced Sketchaholics at Westminster Reference Library last year. He has written for many UK and European sketch shows."

Has it changed? How has it changed? Last time, it would have cost you 9 pounds to see it. On Monday, it's just two. Be there.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Getting an Audience on the Fringe

Monday 17th brings us a night of conversation. First up, Greg Tallent, who runs the London Fringe, will come and discuss the vexed issue of getting an audience. As someone whose own plays opens the next night, I shall be following this with keen interest. It's all very well begging friends and family, and sending press releases to all those websites and newspapers you've never heard of. But then what? Greg has confounded his critics when he set this up three years ago, and should be well worth listening to.

After that, there will be a discussion of what we all felt about this year's Camden Fringe: the highs and lows, trials and tribulations. Two of our plays have transferred, and one is getting published by Samuel French. Two got cancelled, one for private reasons, one because of looting.

Find out about all this and more, on Monday, 7.45 at the Phoenix.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Best of the Boroughs

Eamon McDonnell's ceaseless production continues. He's been the script adviser/editor for Eastern Edge Film Fund, which is an umbrella film fund for the three boroughs of Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and Waltham Forest, and at the recent Film London Bobs [Best of Boroughs] their three films were shortlisted for the 2011 Award ceremony held at Bafta on 7 September. Indeed, the Jury was so impressed by the quality of films entered that they added two further Highly Commended prizes for this year! And Eastern Edge Film Fund swept all four awards - Jury Prize, two HCs and the Audience award.
The films are also showing on Monday 24 October at the London Film Festival under the title London's Calling. However, they've now sold out, which at least means there is no dilemma for P-P members.

So, Hats off to Eamon!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Those of us who suffered the benefit of a classical education might recall the town of the title. All those wars with the Romans, stealing booty and the like. How many Punic wars were there, anyway? Well, October 10ths offering is not a prototype for a Toga saga, it's a contemporary urban drama. As Chris Thompson, its new-to-us writer explains:

"Who do you blame when no-one is guilty?

The Institutionalised take on the institution in this play about guilt, blame and the power of the human touch".

Return of Country Life

Considering we had two of the P-P shows cancelled at this year's Camden Fringe, we've got a pretty good track record for those that actually made it to the stage. Pandora's Boxes made it to the Rosemary Branch, and my very own Country Life is now getting a transfer to the Old Red Lion in Islington. It's a three week run, from October 18th to November 5th ( that's right, it ends on Bonfire Night. There's an irony ).

Same cast, same play, different set. See you there, I hope!