Friday, 21 October 2011

Brokeback Britain

Two P-P shows got cancelled at this year's Camden Fringe. One for personal reasons, the other, because of the looters. Both are now a part of the Autumn Programme and the first, Brokeback Britain, is coming this Monday, October 24th to the Phoenix. Here's how the press release read back in August:

"Brokeback Britain is a satirical sketch show taking a skewed look at the Wild West State of UK 2011. Starring a government no one voted for, where all the banks have been robbed by the bankers and even the snake oil salesmen have been cut. Is Coalition Britain coalescing or falling apart? Are we turning into a cowboy country or the land of the free? Is Ed Milliband going to get an adenoidectomy? The show is a series of sketches about life under Dave and Nick. It's not merely political.

We'll look at how life is being lived in the Tenties. Is Western Civilisation having its last gasp? Will the cuts destroy us? Or the binge drinking? Or will the asteroid sneak in first? The tone is satire but the vehicle will be humour.

Brokeback Britain brings together a team of some of London's finest comedy writers and professional actors. It is produced by Eamon McDonnell and Tony Kirwood. Eamon has written two plays for the Camden Fringe: the sell-out 'Safe House' 2009 and 'Tell It Like It Is' 2010. Tony produced Sketchaholics at Westminster Reference Library last year. He has written for many UK and European sketch shows."

Has it changed? How has it changed? Last time, it would have cost you 9 pounds to see it. On Monday, it's just two. Be there.

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