Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Will You Marry Me?

It's competition time! After a long and eventful term involving at least three ( I lost count after we left Islington and I never even saw the place ) different venues the winter term comes to its traditional end with our competition, entitled Will You Marry me? Expect tears, sentimentality, sardonic cynicism, and maybe even a gay marriage involving Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Come along at 7.30 on Monday 25th March to find out what the inspired minds at PP have come up with.

Friday, 15 March 2013

The Highest Level

On Monday 18 March we welcome Helena Thompson back to the fold with a one-act play about disturbing events on a high rise Council estate. Since she last had a script read with us she's had several successes:

(1) a film she scripted, called AFFECTED, which was produced by SPID Theatre Co Ltd with a grant from Mediabox, was shown at La Femme Film Festival in Hollywood (where she met up with the much-missed Napoleon Ryan)

(2) a radio play THE BURNING TIMES was broadcast on Radio 4

and (3) an animated film HIGH ABOVE THE SKY, that she scripted and which was drawn by children attending SPID Theatre workshops,  has been shown at Film Festivals in Germany, Poland, Brazil, Australia and Walthamstow (!) where it won a prize.

We will start at about 7.30, as usual, and anyone arriving before then can enter through the bar in the normal way.  But late-comers will find the doors barred to us and the general public because of an Athletics Club AGM(!)  Don't worry.  You can still get to our upstairs room but instead of going through the bar you will have to go round the pub to a side entrance which will be marked for PLAYER-PLAYWRIGHTS.  Proceed on through and you can go upstairs as normal.

Food and drink can still be ordered and staff will bring it up.

Friday, 8 March 2013

The Philosopher's Tale

When was the last time P-P gave us a farce? I can tell you when the next one is, Monday 11th Of March, when debutant Fauzia Rahman brings us her hour long stage play, which is, according to mentor Peter Thompson:

"a sort of Whitehall Farce in which the Great Moral Philosopher gives a highly acclaimed paper to some Royal Society or other in Brighton and is congratulated by all the dailies for his defence of the moral imperatives such as telling the truth and never breaking a promise.  His satisfaction, on reading reviews in the papers back home the next day, is undermined by the [unfounded] belief that a beautiful student admirer had a passionate encounter with him in his hotel bedroom.  OK so he is very short-sighted, but if it wasn't her, who was it? and why? or was it all a delicious dream?  What should he tell the missus? Oh, unlucky prof!"

7.30 at the Three Stags.