Friday, 27 February 2009

Plague over the Critics

Most of us know John Morrison as the kindly, genial bearded person who is also our Chairman. However, by night time, John has an alternative hobby - as a scathing critic of contemporary theatrical mores. Here he is, over at the Guardian, tearing a strip off all the critics who thought there was any virtue in Evening Standard reporter Nicholas De Jongh's play "Plague over England", which is currently wowing them in the West End. Or possibly, not.

Monday 2nd March

Brings us a double bill. Previous winner of the Play of the Year award Jan Harris has translated and updated Checkov's Swan Song". It's a fifteen minute dualogue starring Clive Greenwood and Phil Philmar. It is then followed by Clair Chapwell's debut script with us, a sitcom pilot entitled "Such Devoted Sisters".

7.45 at the Horse and Groom. Be there.

Claire Spence

is in a new production of The MAIDS by Jean Genet at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden from 17th to 22nd March 2009. It's Claire's first appearance since our very own Showcase in the autumn.

For more information and to book tickets please go to Etcetera website (click 17th 22nd March in the listing):

Tickets £10 (£8.50 conc. )

Nicola Hollinshead

is in a new show, playing a whip-wielding jezebel!

It's called ROBERTO ZUCCO, and is on for four performances only:

MARCH 26-28

Tickets on sale now!!!

City Lit Rep Company
John Lyon Hall,
Keeley Street,
Covent Garden,

I seem to remember a film based on the same material from three or four years back. Pretty powerful stuff, I recall, though the whip-wielding has strangely been deleted from my mental hard drive. I wonder how it compares.

This is written by Bernard-Marie Koltes, directed by Jon Lee of the Dirty Market Theatre company, and performed at The John Lyon Hall on Keeley street just off Drury Lane.

4 performances only March 26-28. Tickets £8
Matinee perf: Sat March 28 @ 1 pm/Eves: 7.30 pm



Cast: Oscar Gibbs, Stephen Doolan, Helen Corbett, Sophie Holland, Chiara Stampowe, Duncan Pearse, Stephane Middleton, Nicola Hollinshead, Mayuko Kawaii,Ivan Marevich, Frank Williams.

Cool. I'm always partial to a spot of nudity myself. But of whom? Our Niki? I guess I'll have to pop along to find out.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Back By Public Demand

Johnny Hansler is back! Fresh from his sellout performance in The Dice House in January, Mr. Hansler is now playing Peter Cook ( yet again ) in a revival of the play that started the whole thing off, "Pete and Me". It starts tonight, and runs for a week.

Read about it here.

We All Go Weak at Denise

In the unlikely event that you missed Denise O'Leary's radio play "Pandora's Boxes" last week ( broadcast throughout the entire galaxy on Resonance FM ) you can hear it by clicking into this link, and downloading it. And even if you did here it the first time, you may want to keep it listen to it, and play it to your grandchildren. Tim Gambrell, Phil Philmar, Christine Strickett, Hannah Kelly, Daniel Dresner, and even a walk-on for Denise herself... Enjoy!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Lost Gods and Demons

Okay, folks, after a three month break, we like the rest of our new, fully redesigned website, are back, up and running.

Tomorrow, Monday, 23 Feb, sees a play by one of our longest-serving, as well as one of our most distinguished, writers. John Ringrose, after winning the Competition play of the year award last year, has a full length ( well seventy minutes ) stage play: a kind of whodunnit set on a housing estate.

Be there, at seven forty-five.