Monday, 30 May 2011

Turbo Tina - the website

Just because he's getting married on Saturday doesn't mean it's all confetti and canapes for Tim Gambrell. Far from it, in collaboration with partner ( a different one from the one he's marrying ) Andrew Hyde he's been busy setting up a website dedicated to what some of us regard as his finest moment - the sci-fi radio sitcom Turbo Tina. There's a brand new episode, and a pdf of the whole series pitch. Why have they set it up? Because they want feedback before they hit the industry with it. So, go listen, have a chortle, then gather your thoughts into a coherent whole, and give them your advice.

Not a bad way of spending a wet bank holiday.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Face It

So there's no show on Monday 30th May as it's yet another bank holiday, but just because there isn't a reading, it doesn't mean that the good people at P-P aren't working. Sam South finally gets to see the film she wrote fifteen years ago, Tim Gambrell celebrates his forthcoming nuptuals with another sketch performance for Rhubba, and Clive Greenwood gets to act in J.B. Priestley's The Linden Tree.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

"Writing to the Moment" & N10

On Monday 23 May we have a double bill. The first is a talk, and it promises to be one of our best yet. It's going to be given by Steve Waters, and is entitled “Writing to the Moment”. As well as lecturing students on the degree course at Birmingham University, Steve actually writes real, produced plays which have been performed at a variety of theatres including the Crucible in Sheffield, Hampstead, the Donmar Warehouse, and West Yorkshire Playhouse. His latest, Little Platoons, opened at the Bush last year, and got this glowing encomium by none other than Francis Beckett, who wrote last week's play, American Go Home. Small world, eh?
And that's just the start of the evening. After that we get the long-awaited P-P debut by our very own Publicity Secretary Ninaz Khodaiji. It's called N10, and is a sitcom set among the dubious weirdoes who live in that part of North London.

7.45 at the Phoenix.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

American Go Home

It's been a while since Francis Beckett graced us with his presence. But now he's back with another one act play currently called American Go Home. I don't know what it's about, but given Francis' track record, I'm thinking political satire. One thing I do know is that he isn't too crazy about the title. So come along on Monday 16th May and hit him with your best shot.
7.45 at the Phoenix Arts Club.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Colouring Book

It seems like only yesterday ( actually, it was six weeks ) since Sandy Nicholson brought us Word of Mouth. Well now he's back with The Colouring Book. As his website so helpfully explains:

It's a one act play in which:

"Four women are involved in a psychological experiment, in which they are each told the same story, and then given half an hour to talk to one another before they must repeat it back to the experimenter, wherein it will be examined for the differences between their versions".

You can even read a sample. But I'm not going to as I want to come to it fresh-faced. See you on Monday 9th May at 7.45.

Summer Programme

Is up in the usual spot. The usual mixed bag of goodies to keep us warm during the summer.