Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Claim and Shame

Monday 17th of March brings us a new play by journalist, historian, and playwright Francis Beckett. I say new, but, unusually for us, this play has actually been produced. Last December at the 503. But, not untypically of Francis, this is extremely topical, being a satire on the expenses scandal that kept us all amused during the summer.

"Newly elected Labour MP Meg Jones finds herself in the front line of the expenses scandal, while her husband falls for a classic newspaper honey trap. Their lives and their marriage disintegrate before the relentlessly cruel headlines. But was it their fault – or are they convenient scapegoats for much bigger fraudsters? The financiers who surround them were having their own troubles, and the journalists who exposed them were not so clean as the liked to sound".

That's what it was about last time. Come along on Monday to see how much has changed.

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