Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Charlie Is My Darling

The winter season ends on a typically upbeat note on March 29th with the reading of a piece by P-P veteran Peter McKelvey. Members with extremely long memories may remember ( I don't, I wasn't around back then ) that Charlie Is My Darling has been given a showing at P-P before. Or rather its first act did. Then it was a tremendous hit, and Mr. McKelvey has finally picked up his quill and written the second act. On Monday we'll be getting the complete, unexpurgated version.

It's a "somewhat surrealist take on Charles Dickens", we are old and should run for approximately 80 minutes. There is a cast of three: Philip Philmar, Cheryl Anderson and Peter Picton.

That ought to whet your appetite. Sticklers for the original programme may have noted that Nightmare in the Garden of Eden by the same Mr. McKelvey was originally planned for this evening. That is now undergoing something of a rewrite, but will no doubt be rescheduled soon. It's got a great title, if nothing else.

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