Thursday, 2 July 2015


Monday July 13th brings us the end of the summer term and we are going out with a bang, in the form of the Competition with the theme of Danger. We had over 250 entries from all across the world, and they came in all shapes and sizes: knowns, unknowns, published writers, people I'd actually heard of, and even one Emmy-award winning Hollywood writer, all in the hunt for the £300 cash prize to the winner, not to mention the fame and fortune that will no doubt transpire. Four of our most august members and I were the panellists, and each script was read by at least two of us. We managed to come up with a short list of 19, from which we picked the five best. These are, in alphabetical order:

Disturbed by Ian Cowell

Fallout by Jonathan Skinner

Ifs and Buts by Corrina O'Beirne

Log-In Error by Adam Hughes

Struck by Isley Lynn

I genuinely have no idea which will win. In any case, it is out of our hands. A combination of audience, actors and script will have some influence I would imagine. I wish I could be there, but unfortunately I shall be in Crete.Anyway, good luck to all, and may the best script win!

7.30 at the North London Tavern.