Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Mr. Tarling

After a longer than usual break, P-P is back on June 2nd, with a stage play by one of our most distinguished writers, Peter McKelvey.

"Mr. Tarling is old and lives alone. He pines for his late wife and all that he has lost, but he does not surrender. Instead he makes his situation work. Without moving out of his home his life picks up, and becomes, disturbingly, truly alive again".

Sounds tantalising.

Monday, 7.30 at the Three Stags.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Back in June

Owing to a double booking the scheduled May 19th reading of Pawn Free by Eddie Coleman has had to be postponed. And the following Monday 26th is a bank holiday. But we shall be back on June 2nd.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Daddy's Girl and The Key

After the short break we resume on Monday May 12th with a double bill by a pair of P-P writer/actor veterans. First up is a piece by Napoleon Ryan. Napoleon left us to try and find fame and fortune in Hollywood a couple of years ago, but in between mixing with George Clooney and Ms Angelina Jolie, he's found time to scribe Daddy's Girl:

'Eric loves his new girlfriend.  Her father, Hank, has a way to make sure.  When Eric gets a tour of Hank's secret cellar, making a good first impression is the least of his worries.'  

The play is inspired by a  friend's anecdote about meeting their ex-girlfriend's father and his arsenal of weapons.

There is short break for discussion and the consumption of alcohol, followed by A Key Thing, by Lynne O'Sullivan. Lynne has been very busy of late, what with appearing in Tartuffe at the Tower Theatre Company. Says Lynne:

A Key Thing is a short romantic drama.  Danny, fresh out of prison arrives at the house of  his piano tutor, Jennifer, with whom he once had a brief affair. It’s as if no time has passed for Danny who has spent the last three years planning this reunion. But life seems to have moved on for Jennifer - or has it....?
7.30 at the Three Stags.