Thursday, 30 September 2010

October 4th

It's a free week. The Phoenix had been pre-booked by the time of the great P-P takeover, which means nothing is going on. But we will be back in our usual place on Octber 11th. So spend the night fruitfully and see you again soon.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Free Birds

Monday, 27th September brings us Free Birds, a film script by Alison Wilkie. If it's anything like anything else by Alison, it'll be urban, gritty, funny and dramatic. Is it anything like her other stuff? I don't know, I haven't read it. But I'll be chairing the discussion, and if it doesn't feature this as its closing song, as we zoom in on the tear-stained cheeks of our loveable heroine, as she watches her beloved no-goodnik drug-addled boyfriend sitting on the coach as he takes that long journey back to Glasgow, then I will feel short changed.

Any excuse, really.

Not Tonight Caligula

Fancy attending a live recording for the Wireless Theatre Company? It's a world premiere of never before seen or heard production, written by National Treasures Ray Galton (Steptoe & Son, Hancock’s Half Hour) and John Antrobus (Comedy Playwright), and starring P-P's very own double act, Johnny Hansler and Clive Greenwood. Catch it at the Leicester Square Theatre, this Saturday 25th September at 2 p.m. It'll cost ya £10, and will be worth every penny. You can also telephone the theatre box office on: 0844 847 2475 OR you can email

And talking of Clive, there's still a week left to catch him in the Spanish Tragedy at the Rose Tavern. Busy man.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Getting Produced on the Fringe

As I have wittered on at inordinate length here over the last few months, P-P has been well-represented lately when it comes to getting produced on the Fringe, not just at Camden but elsewhere. To cash in our collective wisdom, John Morrison has persuaded a number of stage luminaries to come along on Monday 20th to give us the benefit of their experience.

These are our panellists: Tim Gill, joint AD of the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton, Jessica Swale, AD of Redhanded Theatre and current director of Bedlam at Shakespeare's Globe, Adam Spreadbury-Maher, AD of the Cock Tavern and the King's Head, and Eamon McDonnell, of this parish, who has produced three of his own plays in London in the last 15 months.

It's about fringe everywhere. We've heard enough about how to write plays, and what theatres want. But this is the stage two, the practical bit where you have to start worrying about sorting out flyers, getting scenery, pesuading the local press to run a feature on you, and trying to find that special actor aged fifty to play that part you'd originally written for Ray Winstone. Can you make a profit, is it possible to break even, can you even put the play on without having to take out a second mortgage? What is the difference between profit share and box office split? Is there one?

Some of these questions may be answered.

The Terrapin

We haven't heard much from Paola Trimarco lately, but she's back with a new play. It's for one day only, but two performances at the Corpus Playroom, via the Cambridge Arts Theatre in, where else, Cambridge. I remember talking to her about it, a good two years ago, and finally it's arrived. It's an adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith short story, The Terrapin, and it plays on September 25th at 2.30 p.m and 8.p.m.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Hello, hello we're back again! After a busy summer, P-P is back. New venue ( the Phoenix ), new programme, but the same high standard you have come to know and love.

First up is the book of a musical written by Katy Darby. Don't expect an all-singing, all dancing experience. but do expect a rattling good yarn leavened by wit and wisdom in the trademark Darby manner.

Come to the Phoenix Arts club on September 13th in Charing Cross Road. Show starts at 7.45, but you might want to get there a bit earlier to grab a seat, a drink, and to indulge in some ribald socialising.

Shelfstackers - the Series

Remember Shelfstackers? Written by P-P's very own Bede Blake, it first surfaced as a pilot back in March. Filmed in one night, the whole thing was a bit rushed. Well not only has it been greenlit, episode one of a season of six has already been shown. You can catch it now on the i-Player here and see the rest of the series here or hereabouts, or even on BBC2 on Saturday lunchtime.

Enjoy! And hats off to Bede!