Friday, 30 January 2015

Crusoe's Other Island

Peter McKelvey, one of our most distinguished writers, is back with a new play:

"Our NHS is in a parlous way, terrorists and extremists are on the rampage, social inequality gets worse, the cost of housing, the price of this and that, a dank, gloomy winter. Had enough of it all? You can escape. Return to 1954 to an abandoned RAF camp in Egypt for a couple of hours.  Join John Crusoe on his 'other island'.

Monday, Feb 2nd, 7.30, at the North London Tavern.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Dolly Moxon's Welcome Cafe

Monday January 26th brings us a new play by Joanne Richards entitled Dolly Moxon's Welcome Cafe.

"You get out and think it’s gonna be like the films: a chauffeur turning up in a jag and all the local villains paying their respects. Instead you’re spewed out of this ugly building wi’ a few quid in your pocket”.

When Tommy returns from a stint in the “big house” he finds his world turned upside down – his best mate is getting married, his bird has taken up with the local council housing officer and his mother’s cafĂ© has been closed down by a gang of criminal bikers …

There is a stellar cast, as well:: Daniel Copeland, Jonathan Hansler, Pete Picton, Elizabeth Trueblood, and Max Warwick.

7.30 at the North London Tavern.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

After the Dance

Monday 19th January brings us a stage play by Andy Moseley.

"Fran and Finn met in 1952, seven years after the end of the Second World War. He had just completed his national service, she was living with her overly protective father. They spent one glorious summer together then never saw each other again. Sixty years later they are getting married. But what caused them to split up, and why did their love survived all the years apart?"

7.30 at the North London Tavern.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Competition Play-off

On Monday, 12 January, we have the annual play-off to establish the Competition winner of the year, whose name will be engraved on the Guy McKay shield.  There are six entries from the three 2014 competitions: "Would You Adam n Eve it?", "Brief Encounter" and "Magna Carta". The warning against acting with animals has not been heeded:  look out for the four-legged serpent who was Adam's first wife, the two mice arguing over a pre-nup and the entrance of the Queen of the Elephants, astride a magnificent pachyderm.  And so much more....

Come and enjoy the entertainment at the North London Tavern, from 7.30, and vote.