Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Dolly Moxon's Welcome Cafe

Monday January 26th brings us a new play by Joanne Richards entitled Dolly Moxon's Welcome Cafe.

"You get out and think it’s gonna be like the films: a chauffeur turning up in a jag and all the local villains paying their respects. Instead you’re spewed out of this ugly building wi’ a few quid in your pocket”.

When Tommy returns from a stint in the “big house” he finds his world turned upside down – his best mate is getting married, his bird has taken up with the local council housing officer and his mother’s café has been closed down by a gang of criminal bikers …

There is a stellar cast, as well:: Daniel Copeland, Jonathan Hansler, Pete Picton, Elizabeth Trueblood, and Max Warwick.

7.30 at the North London Tavern.

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Peter Thimpson said...

" DOLLY MOXON"S WELCOME CAFE, by Joanne Richards, proved to be an engaging play about life in the North. All the parts were good and beautifully played but outstanding was Moxy, the Jack the Lad returning to the family home on release from prison. Expecting a warm welcome he finds that the cafe is subject to a closure order and that no one will take him in, least of all his girlfriend (mother of his child) who is now working for the Council and living with the Head of Housing. Oh dear, oh dear. But Moxy is not downhearted. He still has Mick, his boyhood chum and partner in crime: only Mick is getting married to his pregnant girlfriend and is looking for somewhere to park his stepson, just expelled from the Academy for robbing the Head of Housing's son. Moxy thrashes about, throwing up ideas for opening another cafe, starting up a business and buying a bungalow with garden chairs on the patio: he is a combination of Falstaff, Captain Jack Boyle and Walter Mitty, a terrible person but very funny with it. Eventually we see, as he does, that everyone else has got things more or less sorted: but as for Moxy, he has no future because nobody wants him. Sad but not undeserved.
A few words about the venue. The Clarendon Room, upstairs at the North london Tavern is spacious and comfy and the management see that the seating is arranged round a theatrical performance area lit by our two lights, It's good. On Monday we had visitors from the Industry including a comedy producer and they were so impressed by the venue and the evening's presentation that they will be coming again. So the journey to Kilburn is well worth the effort!
PT, the Man on the Sofa with the glass of shiraz."