Sunday, 30 August 2009

The New Programme

It's finally up, and after much fine-tuning, as I rewrite this on September 15th, this is DEFINITIVE.

So, see you on Monday at our brand new home. THE GREEN MAN!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Green Man

P-P may be resting over the summer, but you can be assured that there has been a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes to make sure that the SHOW GOES ON.

For those who aren't aware, our agreement with the Horse and Groom came to an unexpected end after we broke up for the summer. Instead of heading to Blackpool with our buckets and spades, some of us have been scouting around a number of fringe venues trying to find somewhere to replace it. Finally, last night, our treasurer Tony Diggle and a team of consultants settled on the Green Man in the Euston Road. It's sixty yards from Great Portland Street tube station, and not much further from our previous domain. I donn't yet know it, but I am told it has a bigger space, and you can still get a pint before, during, and after the readings.

That's me satisfied.

So, thanks to everyone who did their bit. I won't name names. You know who you are. It goes without saying though, that it hasn't been easy. There have been endless emails and phone calls and deputations, but a decision has at last been made.

We start again on September 7th, and the programme will be announced by August 31st. It would be earlier, and may yet be, but there have been problems with that as well.

Onwards and upwards!


Chairman John Morrison wants to thank all P-P members who helped in the search for a new venue, saying:

'We have decided to move (at least for now) to the cellar bar at the Green Man opposite Great Portland Street tube station. It's conveniently situated, larger than the Horse and Groom and has a small raised stage area. It's soundproof, has good silent ventilation, and will be available to us from 6 pm on Mondays which will facilitate last-minute rehearsals. There is a good mix of seating BUT we will have to rearrange the chairs and sofas before we start and put them back afterwards. So I'd like to appeal to all able-bodied members who don't suffer from backache to lend a hand, either between 7 and 7.15 or between 10 and 10.15. If enough people volunteer then I hope we will be able to avoid introducing a formal rota.'