Thursday, 27 March 2014

In the Cellar

March 31st. The last day of March brings us a play by Carolyn Eden.

"When Barbara has a miscarriage she wants answers.  Was it because of environmental issues including the fact that trains carrying nuclear waste sneak alone the village's railways lines in the dead of night. As Barbara examine such issues her idyllic life begins to collapse".

This is an epic piece with over twenty speaking roles which shall be performed by nine intrepid actors. So get here promptly.

7.30 at the Three Stags.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tender is the Night

F. Scott Fitzgerald? Theatre? What more can you ask for? Go to the Lord Stanley Pub and you get our very own Kate Steel thrown into the mix as well. She's in Tender is the Night, which has got 1920s jazz dancing and the odd mental breakdown from Kate as well.
The Lord Stanley is a great place to have a nice meal beforehand and you get to have a post show bevvy with Kate as well.

Friday, 21 March 2014


5 Short Plays
by Roger Mayhew

Hit Parade  
Revolving Doors
A House Divided
The Pool

These are Roger’s latest additions to his short play collection. There is something for everyone: comedy, politics, romance,mystery and murder.

Sounds good. Especially Murder.

7.30, March 24th at the Three Stags.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Bunker Girls

I haven't yet been, but plenty have, and there is still a fortnight left of Bunker Girls, by Michael Punter. It's a two-hander, starring our very own Suzanne Kendall and Victoria Johnston.

“This is not a crisis, Gretel. Upstairs, absolutely nobody is talking about the War...”

Berlin, 1945. As the Third Reich crumbles and the Russian army moves in, Adolf Hitler continues to believe in imminent salvation.  But in the room across the hall, his secretaries have seen the inevitable and prepare for a daring escape...

In the world premiere of this dark comedy-thriller, two young women bicker, plot and perform in a desperate attempt to save their lives.

Directed by Christine Kimberley

Performed by Suzanne Kendall and Victoria Johnston
with the voice of Tom Goodman-Hill (from ITV’s Mr Selfridge).

John Morrison has been, and has reviewed it here.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Producers

No, it's not Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, nor even Uma Thurman.  It's better than that.  We have Natasha Staples, breaking her provincial tour to chair talks and discussions with Peter Huntley and Robert Bradish.  We are all brilliant writers and outstanding performers but without Producers, like Peter and Robert, we are nothing. So come along on Monday at 7.30 to learn all about it and see if you can't get lift-off for that highly marked play we did last year, or whenever.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Activists

The previously advertised script Suffragettes in Love has been postponed. Maybe they're all still stuck to the railings. Either way, a forty-five minute radio script by the same duo is its more than capable replacement. Here's the gen:

"An earnest but incompetent documentary-maker’s efforts to eliminate sugar from the nation’s diet are thwarted by an airhead celebrity presenter".

It's still by Janice Day and Catherine King. It's still on at the Three Stags and it's still on at 7.30.