Thursday, 31 December 2015


Here is a message from Eva Willis, our new casting secretary:
*PP ACTOR MEMBERS CASTING DAY*: (A FREE casting workshop for P-P Members only.)
Will be held on January 29th 2016. 11AM -5PM. Each appt. will take approx 5-10 minutes.

Player-Playwrights actor members will perform a monologue or scene of their choice for Jimmy Jewell- talent agent for JWL London and West End Theatre Producer on shows such as Memphis the MusicalThe Mentalists and Hand to God. Jimmy has also wrote and produced NHS the Musical and Who Ate All the Pies. This casting day is an opportunity to perform for Jimmy Jewell and P-P Casting Secretary Eva-Jane Willis to begin the year as you mean to go on (acting!) and to introduce yourself to a respected Industry professional. This will also help us to cast you in our weekly play-readings! 

If you are performing a scene you may bring a partner with you (PP or non PP member is fine).

Please email the below email address (do NOT phone please) with a link to your SPOTLIGHT or castingcallpro CV and AVAILABILITY that day. If you have a time preference please give an indication in your email. 
You will then be allocated a time-slot.  

The casting day will be at the offices of JWL LONDON:


Nearest tube Goodge Street.

We would like you to select scenes/ monologues from a play that you feel fit your casting. Modern is preferable but Shakespeare will be accepted. Please note this is not race specific.

We encourage you to spread the word and invite fellow actors to consider joining P-P and coming along to the casting day.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


That was a very enjoyable Party, an excellent Cabaret, an over-the-top pantomime and of course the Awards.
Congratulations to the winners:
1 The Muriel Cobb Cup for the play of the year was won by our Presidents with TIME AND LOVE
Runner up: Juliana Lisk’s TOY STOREY
2 The John Grange’s Cup for Comedy was won by John Hill, with HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL and he was also runner up with CHASING BECKETT
3 The Actor of the year award went to Phil Philmar, with Johnny Hansler as Runner-up
4 The Actress of the Year award went to Sophie Steel, with Helen Oakleigh as runner up.

Then there were two unscheduled awards of highly drinkable wine (a) to our outgoing chair: John Morrison and (b) to our outgoing Programme Secretary Peter Thompson (that’s me).  Both of us said what great pleasure we had derived from the activities of Player-Playwrights and that we would continue to attend and give our support to Ninaz Khodaiji and Mary Conway, who were elected to the chair at the AGM.

Thank you  very much and a Merry Christmas to you all.

Peter Thompson

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas Party

So this is Christmas. And what have you done? Well, what P-P has done is organise a party, on Monday evening 7 December.  It is the usual, nay, traditional fair, with songs and sketches, the Annual Awards presented by our Living Legend Presidents Marks and Gran and a pun-filled pantomime exclusively written by the Bard of Exeter, Tim Gambrell.
Food will be provided, and we will therefore be collecting £5 a head at the door, instead of the usual £2.50.

7.30 at the North London Tavern. Let's hope it's a good one.