Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Working Stiffs

We have a change to the published programme on November 3rd. Instead of A Very Private Man by Helena Thompson, we have a piece which promises to be just as exciting by Cait Davies and Lynne Pinto entitled Working Stiffs.

"A group of lively, mature, financially challenged individuals from widely different backgrounds share a flat and face the challenges that life in the 21stcentury throws at them. The world has changed around them. Can they keep their minds supple as their bodies stiffen? Can they stay solvent and still live within the M25?"

7.30 at the North London Tavern.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


It's that time of year again, folks. No script being read, alas, but the upside is that you don't have to pay to get in. Instead, you can come along at the usual time and listen and even contribute to the debate. Anything you want to get off your chest, now's the time.

7.30, at the North London Tavern.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Double Espresso & A Christmas Eve

Monday 29th October brings us a double bill from P-P veteran, Peter McKelvey. Let the great man explain:


Alex is 'the man', a top guy but nemesis is at hand. A femme fatale lurks in the station cafe.


The last train has left. A disparate group of unfortunates and a mysterious stranger now inhabit Marylebone station. Edward and Rocca are down on their luck. They are despairing and cynical about Christmas but Christmas may yet work its miracle.

Sounds tantalising. Be at the North London Tavern at 7.30

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

WW1 Postcard Humour

Some of the more attentive members of P-P may have noticed that it is a hundred years since the outbreak of the First World War. As our part of the commemorations, we have invited one of our most prolific writers, Roger Mayhew, to come along to the North Tavern on Monday October 13th at 7.30 to explain his collection of WW1 Comic Postcards.

With the onset of the Centenary Commemoration of the start of the war Roger has been actively engaged in sharing his collection –partly in an Exhibition at the Cartoon Museum and also by delivering presentations about comic cards to various groups.

In the first part of this session Roger will deliver a short presentation showing the range of humour employed by the cartoon artists. In the second part he will divide the audience into groups; give each group a copy of a WW1 postcard (not used in the presentation ) and ask them to devise and deliver a short improvisation based on the card.