Monday, 29 September 2014

Injuries of Class

Monday October 6th brings us a play by new writer Paul McMahon.

"Two well educated but unemployed cousins [one m, one f] are dossing in a miserable squat in a criminal neighbourhood, desperate to return to the comforts of middle-class living. They put together their unique skills, one in criminology and the other in film making, to turn their squat into a pop-up brothel with hi-tech covert CCTV and blackmail potential. Nothing turns out as planned but at least it moves them on and out. A dark comedy with just a hint of redemption."

7.30 at the North London Tavern.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Kaluki Girls

"On Monday September 29th, we move to our new home at The North London Tavern, 375 Kilburn High Road, Kilburn, London NW6 7QB, and kick off with two episodes of a brand new Jewish sitcom entitled "The Kaluki Girls" by Debbie Nagioff.

"Bella and Zandra were arch rivals at school, through their youth, switching and swapping boyfriends, humiliating each other whenever possible, before finally going their separate ways. Thirty-five years down the line, one widowed, one divorced and four children later, they find their lives inextricably linked. But can they put the past behind them?"

Free bottles of wine and nibbles will be available to christen the new venue.

7.30, at the North London Tavern.

Friday, 19 September 2014

"When Were You Happiest? is set in the Freezone where friendship, love, sex, childhood…in fact absolutely everything, is monetised. All human relations take place through interactive advertising holograms, known as Ad-Vatars as there can be “no relations before the market”. To reach the cusp of the Freezone elite – The Unique - Diana Fray been forced to ruthlessly mould her naturally shy, contrary personality into a flamboyant celebrity sex symbol and business leader. But to finally become Unique she must destroy all traces of her former self – which forces the shy teenager to return an angry psychotic projection hell bent on destroying Diana and her world".

Daniel Davies last came to P-P with Is Anything Broken? is hit radio four play turned stage success. Now he's back with another question in the title, in the form of When Were You Happiest? which asks "how much power we should give technology that is fast becoming omnipotent, and uses dark satire to gaze into the future for all human capital".

 I do love a big theme. To whet your appetite still further, the stellar cast includes Cyd Casados, Lexy Howe, Simon Desborough and Jonathan Hansler.

Monday 22nd 7.30 at the Crown and Anchor.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Pawn Free

Monday 15th of September brings us Pawn Free, a comic drama by PP regular Eddie Coleman set in "the world of amateur chess about a bunch of losers striving to become winners.  Regular player and chess nut,Tony eats, breathes and dreams chess. It’s all he ever wants to think about. However, as circumstances conspire to deny him his daily chess
fix, he realizes he will have to up his game if he’s to save his club, his marriage and his sanity".

7.30 at the Crown and Anchor.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Summer went fast, didn't it? Anyway we're back on Monday 8th September with a tv script by another new writer. Here's the gen:

"Julie, a na├»ve, young Australian girl starts work on a long running West End show. She finds the world of luvvies, lovers and the everyday struggles of life backstage, a far cry from the glamour beyond the curtain. 

"Set in the tumultuous world of theatre, in the heart of London’s world famous West End, writer Cathy Stewart brings the behind the scenes drama to the fore".

 7.30 at the Crown and Anchor.

Change of Scenery

Hello, hello we are back again. Player Playwrights have never been an organisation to let the grass grow under our feet. And So we leave the Three Stags for a three week stretch in Neal Street, at the Crown and Anchor.