Saturday, 20 March 2010


Bede Blake is one of the rising stars in the P-P firmament. He first came to global attention winning the round adjudicated by our Presidents, Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, of the Last Laugh sitcom prize. Since then he's regularly bombarded us with sitcom pilots and ideas, always scoring highly, with Failure is an Option winning the John Grange Cup a few years' back. Now, at long last, one of his scripts has made it to the screen. P-P never debuted Shelfstackers, so here's the chance for all of us to make its acquaintance. It's a half hour comedy for teens, and "is set in urine-tinted regional supermarket Grogans and follows the interminable shifts of four frustrated teens on the bottom of the store’s tribal pecking order: shelf stacking. Presiding over them, like an incorrigible monkey, is their guileless manchild of a store manager, a poster-boy for what happens when careers go bad. And added to this is an unseen corporate management, somewhere in Basingstoke, making increasingly desperate PR decisions that must sound great in the board room but are positively crackpot when put into practice on the shop floor."

One interesting piece of casting is Jennifer Saunders' daughter Beattie as one of the leads. Watch it and enjoy. If it does well it could go to series. It's on this coming Saturday, 27th March at 12.25. p.m. on BBC2, at the same time as Football Focus. Take it from me, this will be a lot funnier.

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