Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Grace and Adaptability

On March 8th we have a "one-off TV/film comedy which takes an irreverant - but affectionate - dig at costume drama/literary adaptations" - or so writes Roger Mayhew, who wrote the piece, so he should know.

Roger continues: "The story centres around the Barnett family who have the task of hitching their 4 daughters and one son to suitable partners. There are the usual traumas along the way, a host of familiar characters and some surprises too. A large cast (13) of PP regulars - and some new faces. I hope members will find it fun".

It should indeed. Roger has been one of our most prolific writers of recent years, and he doesn't just write them, he gets them read at other venues, and had a famous production at the Kings Head of Kitchen Nights a year and a half ago. So, Monday March 8th. Be there.

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