Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Daddy's Girl and The Key

After the short break we resume on Monday May 12th with a double bill by a pair of P-P writer/actor veterans. First up is a piece by Napoleon Ryan. Napoleon left us to try and find fame and fortune in Hollywood a couple of years ago, but in between mixing with George Clooney and Ms Angelina Jolie, he's found time to scribe Daddy's Girl:

'Eric loves his new girlfriend.  Her father, Hank, has a way to make sure.  When Eric gets a tour of Hank's secret cellar, making a good first impression is the least of his worries.'  

The play is inspired by a  friend's anecdote about meeting their ex-girlfriend's father and his arsenal of weapons.

There is short break for discussion and the consumption of alcohol, followed by A Key Thing, by Lynne O'Sullivan. Lynne has been very busy of late, what with appearing in Tartuffe at the Tower Theatre Company. Says Lynne:

A Key Thing is a short romantic drama.  Danny, fresh out of prison arrives at the house of  his piano tutor, Jennifer, with whom he once had a brief affair. It’s as if no time has passed for Danny who has spent the last three years planning this reunion. But life seems to have moved on for Jennifer - or has it....?
7.30 at the Three Stags.

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