Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Return of Country Life

Considering we had two of the P-P shows cancelled at this year's Camden Fringe, we've got a pretty good track record for those that actually made it to the stage. Pandora's Boxes made it to the Rosemary Branch, and my very own Country Life is now getting a transfer to the Old Red Lion in Islington. It's a three week run, from October 18th to November 5th ( that's right, it ends on Bonfire Night. There's an irony ).

Same cast, same play, different set. See you there, I hope!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Well-made Play is back in town, in a well-made English country garden. Tea and madeira cake and plot-pomts galore: the very watchable Marji Campsi has a 99 year old mother upstairs and a twin sister in New Zealand, the man next door, with a lawn-mower from B&Q, is a retired policeman; and the visitor from Croydon seems to have done very well out of the death of his 75 year old girlfriend down the road. From these humble beginnings Peter Briffa has constructed a gem of a playscript and Paul Blinkhorn has applied a director's polish. The Man in the Stalls with the madeira cake and chardonnay had no difficulty parking in Myddelton Sq and gives the play full marks.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to have re-visited Country Life last night - I really enjoyed it, and it came over as really fresh despite my having seen it before. The new set makes a difference, of course, and the production was really crisp.