Thursday, 24 September 2009

Don't Worry About Me

Remember The Pool, a play by Jamie Brough and Helen Elizabeth that premiered at P-P three years ago? Since then it's gone from strength to strength. A Fringe First at Edinburgh, followed by a run at the Arts in Soho. It's now been turned into a feature film directed by David Morrissey. It's now called Don't Worry About Me, though it still contains the original duo.

The film is being shown as part of the 2009 London Film Festival in the New British Cinema category, and we have three dates at the end of October:
Saturday 24th October at the Vue, Leicester Square, 18.30 (£12)
Monday 26th October at the National Film Theatre, 14.00 (£9)
Thursday 29th October at the National Film Theatre, 19.00 (£9)

Booking opens to the public on Saturday 26th September, and I would recommend booking early as one of the venues in particular is quite small and won’t seat many people.

You can book online, or call 020 7928 3232 from 09:30 - 20:30 daily.

If you unfortunately can't make it to see it on the big screen, worry not!! It is also to be shown on BBC tv towards the end of November.

Here, to whet your appetites, is a short clip.

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