Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tourist Trap

Next week, Monday 21st, brings us the above play, by me. Daniel Dresner asked last night what kind of play it was and in keeping with the comments of the evening, we agreed that unclassifiable would do nicely.

At any rate, it concerns a couple of English people, Paul and Maggie, who have just arrived at their holiday home on Ibiza, where they meet American couple Joshua and Melody.

What could possibly go wrong?

The last time I used this photo it was for Peter McKelvey's Scorching. This time, it's even more suitable, as we do indeed have a pair of sun-loungers in the staging. Not this evening, but if it ever got produced, those are the most significant pieces of scenery.

Anyway, for this reading we shall be having Clive Greenwood, Belinda Blanchard, Paula Gilbert, and making his P-P debut, Richard Danum.

Come along on Monday, and enjoy! If not, slag me off afterwards in the discussion. But be warned. I bite.


Peter T said...

To say it's unclassifiable is to admit a central weakness. It is a play about how a beautiful young couple from Texas have breakfast with a pair of worn out old Brits and somehow get into a rather contrived wife swap in which the innocents abroad outsmart the Oldies and win game, set and sunbed.
This has to be comedy to succeed and it needs to move from duplicity, confusion and cross purposes to a satisfying resolution. It nearly did but an excess of talk slowed the action to a point where some of us nearly lost interest.
But not quite! How could we with such great performances in so congenial a venue [42 attendances and still seats to be had]?

Peter B said...

I'm not arguing. I knew when it was going ahead that it was only 95% there. But I got a lot out of the reading, and the comments afterwards were thought-provoking and helpful, which is, after all, all one can ever hope from a reading.