Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Honours

Back in May Peter Cox came to give us a talk that was very well-received. On January 1st Her Majesty saw fit to appoint Mr. Cox a Member of the British Empire. Are the two events linked? Perhaps not. At any rate, hearty congratulations to Peter. As our Secretary Peter Thompson wrote to him:

"You gave us an excellent talk last May about the importance of re-writing and a willingness to do it intelligently and with a good heart. It is an important message which you could have spent a whole evening on, but you gave us enough examples from your own experience to convince. We all enjoyed it and I hope we are better writers, and possibly better people, for the excellent advice.
You were not properly rewarded by us for the time and effort you put into the talk so we are very pleased that higher authority has seen fit to honour your work for Community Arts with an MBE. Congratulations. It is such an important area of creative artistry [my daughter is engaged in it in Ladbroke Grove] but it receives relatively little public acknowledgement. So well done you for raising the standard: a well deserved and appropriate honour, restoring one's faith in the system".

Well done to PT for writing this, well done for Belinda Blanchard for suggesting PC as a speaker, and well done, most of all, to Peter Cox himself for all his work. He even sent us the basic notes for his talk, long after it was done. I don't think anyone else has ever done this. It's well worth looking at again.

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