Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A Change to the Programme

As ever there is a slight change to the programme as originally published, but this time it's a good and uncomplicated one. No switching of pieces, merely an addition, with Michelle Flower coming in to give us a talk on February 28th, which is the same night we get the very latest sitcom from Peter Vincent and Dana Morgan.

Michelle was originally asked to come to the Fringe Panel so ably arranged by John Morrison last September, but had yet to recover from running the Camden Fringe with fellow Etcetera Arms organiser, Zena Barrie. But now she's got her voice back, and will give us the low-down on everything else you wanted to know. I myself had a play on last year, as did Eamon McDonnell, as did Julia Collyer, as did Philippa Tatham, as did Eddie Coleman. The list is endless.

I found it a very exciting, interesting, and most crucially, non-bankrupting exercise, and would encourage anyone with a piece or collection that comes in at under an hour to give it a go. But if you're still doubtful, come along on February 28th to find out all you need to know.

It's going to be longer this year, with more venues. And people are already applying!

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