Thursday, 27 January 2011

Competition Play-Off

It's that time of year again, whereby the winner and runner up from each of last year's three competitions play off against one another in a winner take all play-off. In the early rounds it's all anonymous, but now the gloves are off, the burkas have been revealed, and faces and emotions are exposed for all to see. Who's going to win? Come along on Monday at 7.45 to find out. And remember, who wins, you decide. If it's anything like this, then it'll be something very similar.

UPDATE: And the Winner, just for the record, was Roger Mayhew, with Another Kitchen Sink Drama. Well done to Roger, and all the entrants. I thought they were a very good bunch. And he didn't over-react, like Ms Field above. I think we were all grateful.

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Veteran Observer said...

Yes they were witty, heartwarming pieces, very suitable for a sketch show. My two faves were (a) MAIDEN FLIGHT in which a 9 year old girl, wonderfully played by Belinda Blanchard, takes over the controls of an airliner (the pilot has been struck by lightning) and lands it according to the instructions in her computer game and (b) ALL CHANGE about the "quiet" compartment on a commuter train which is becalmed for an hour, during which time all the warring passengers come to terms with life and each other. Lovely. Two masterpieces in which Peter Vincent and Lynne O'Sullivan show us yet again how it is done.