Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Barbara Finds Happiness

Remember the absurd theatre of the fifties and sixties? Not just Beckett and Pinter, but Ionesco and N.F. Simpson? Well, bravely following in the footsteps of the latter two comes Eddie Coleman, with his comedy ( there weren't many absurdist tragedies, were there? ) Barbara Finds Happiness.

Eddie usually gives up a more normal, realistic kind of a comedy, so there is a welcome departure. It's a bit like when Bob Dylan went electric. Some will like it, some won't... but hey, that's the literary muse. Who knows where she will take you.

Of course, happiness is a difficult issue. If you don't fancy coming along on Monday at 7.45 you could always stay home and watch this guy. He can make you happy, and make you more money too. One of the good guys.

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