Thursday, 30 December 2010

Double the Odds

We may not return till the 17th of January, but to whet the communal appetitie there is going to be a table read of the above named screenplay on Tuesday 4th January 2011at the Phoenix, with a 7.15pm arrival/7.30pm start time.

It's written by Louise Anne Munro and Sherril Turner. The latter ought to ring a bell, being a P-P legend who is currently living in L.A.

‘Two lookalikes, one a career driven cop, the other, a romantic single mum, are both struggling to deal with the demands of their criminal families. A chance meeting leads to a weekend life swap, which could be the perfect solution.’

There'll be a table read and an informal feedback session. It will also feature another P-P stalwart trying to make it on the mean streets of California, Napoleon Ryan.

And it's free. What more do you want?


Louise Ann Munro said...

Thank you so much to all the Player-Playwright members that came on Tuesday. Sherill and I found your feedback very useful. We are currently having re-writes but are pleased that everyone enjoyed it and to hear that we are on the right track. Have a great 2011 everyone and hope to see you at Player-Playwrights soon. Thanks again and best wishes. Louise Ann Munro. x

Peter B said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. I actually had something else on that night, but I'm glad it went well.