Thursday, 9 December 2010

Last Christmas

We had a party. And to save us from tears, we're doing it again this year. It starts at 7 on Monday 13th DECEMBER.

At 7.45 there shall be a Cabaret featuring:

‘Condiments of the Season’ by Carrie Cohen

‘Janice Day’ and her uke

‘Herschey and Patrick’s Unusual Christmas’ by Debbie Maya

‘All I Want For Christmas’ – Katy Darby ( a song rather than the entire show, I imagine ).

Then at 8.30pm there is the Player-Playwrights Awards presentation.

And then at 9pm instead of the pantomime, we have the P-P melodrama, written by Tim Gambrell, entitled ‘The Goodly Dilemma’.

Apparently I am in it, making my stage debut. Better rush, got to go and learn my lines.

There is no charge for admission, food or entertainment, but you'll have to buy your own drink.

It's even possible there shall be some drunken carousing. And singing? Well, one thing can be certain. It's bound to be better than this travesty.

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