Thursday, 2 February 2012

Love and Other Games 2

Sequels do not on the whole have a good track record. For every Die Hard 2 there are a dozen Jaws 2s, Police Academy 2s, and Neverending Story 2s ( well they said it was neverending ). Undettered, Lisa Fulthorpe brings us Love and Other Games 2 ( "Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bedroom" ) a sequel to last year's Fringe smash which first opened at P-P before becoming part of both the London Fringe and the Camden Fringe. Word on the street has it that it's one piece, logner than last year's playlets, but it's still two characters, in or out of love, chewing the fat, and coming to some sort of realisation that Things Can't Go On As They Are.

The first series was funny and pithy and truthful. Will the sequel live up to its original? Come along to the Phoenix, Monday at 7.45, and find out.

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LisaFulthorpe said...

Yay, Love and Others Games 2 has a new name, Final Score, and is being produced at this years Camden Fringe by PP, as part of a comedy double bill.