Thursday, 16 February 2012

Either Way

February 20th brings us a 40 minute comedy by Carolyn Eden, who last graced us with a pair of radio plays just over a year ago. This one, according to Carrie, is about Susie, a young actress and her father. It is called "Either Way" in reference to the lie that would-be employers often say "we'll let you know either way," As Susie waits for the birth of her child she tells her midwife a bit about her family and her life as a mostly out of work actress.

I wonder if it's based on real life, perchance. Find out on Monday at 7.45, I guess.

Anyway, Susie will be played by Fiona McGee, Dad by Silas Hawkins, Mum by Toni Brooks, Muriel - Dad's friend - by Anthea Courtney and the nurse, Jules by Denise O'Leary.

Now that's what I call a cast.

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