Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Lodger

Many of the world's greatest artists end up calling one of their works "The Lodger". One thinks of glam rock superstar David Bowie, who named one of his albums thusly.

Then there was cockney film-maker Alfred Hitchcock, who made a brief appearance in his early talkie:

Following in their footsteps is poet-turned-dramatist Jethro Dykes, whose first play gets a reading at the Phoenix on Feb 13th. It concerns:

'Elizabeth lives with her husband, Nigel, who is rather dull. She invites a lodger to live with them. He is also her lover. The lodger is a short romantic thriller, hitchcockian and slightly sinister. However, it will not offend as it is rather gentle.'

So, perhaps the title is a homage to the East End cineaste. A sultry blonde? A McGuffin? A couple of murders, with an innocent man the suspect? Come along on Monday at 7.45 to find out. The reading even stars Mr. Dykes, and it's also getting a couple of performances in April, on 18th and 19th at the Lord Stanley pub in Camden. So if you want to get a preview, be there on Monday.

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