Thursday, 30 June 2011

Love and Other Games - the production - UPDATED

The Camden Fringe is almost upon us, and Lisa Fulthorpe's Love and Other Games had a trial run at the Phoenix Artist Club earlier this month. In case you don't remember its very successful reading in April in the very same venue, here's a reminder. They are:

"Four bite-sized comedies about contemporary relationships. A chance encounter, a suburban party, a family meal and a one-night stand are the arenas for these two-handers exploring the games lovers play.

Brutally funny and true to life they’re by award-winning Smack The Pony writer Lisa Fulthorpe. Follow Love and Other Games on facebook or Twitter us @otherlovegames"

I went to see it, and enjoyed it a lot. I can't go next week, because I'm rehearsing Country Life, but that's no excuse for you. So, go along to what happens to be the opening production of this year's Camden Fringe, at the Etcetera Arms. It's Monday 1 to Thursday 4th, starting at 4.30 p.m. So leave work early!

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An extremely entertaining 45 minutes, excellent performances and a great showcase for P-P writer and actors. Tickets for the two remaining performances at the Phoenix are going fast on and Press night is on 12/07. If you can't get in there, book up for the run at the Etcetera in August on