Wednesday, 1 December 2010

All Everyone Wants for Christmas

Katy and Luke's musical goes from strenght to strength. Hot on the heals of John Morrison's rave comes Francis Beckett's:

"All the musicals that make their promoters millions ARE inconsequential rubbish, because the West End is so risk-averse. Why do something good when Cats will still pack them in?

But at the tiny Jermyn Street Theatre near Piccadilly Circus there's a musical, whose tunes are just as catchy, whose dialogue is as much fun, whose girls are as pretty but twice as interesting, whose plot zips along as fast as any blockbuster, and whose dialogue is wittier; and yet which manages to be intelligent, and to say something interesting. And which has a twist at the end which suddenly turns it into something far bleaker and blacker and makes you think, yet still has you leaving the theatre with a song in your heart.

I'm talking about All I Want for Christmas by Katy Darby and Luke Bateman, and I urge you to get along to see it. You haven't got long. Unlike the rubbish, it won't be there forever".

Okay, let's declare an interest. They both know Katy, and they are both journalists who have written for the Guardian. The latter is a particularly damaging fact when it comes to anybody's credibility. However, here are some critiques from people who are perhaps more objective:

,UK Theatre Web, What's On Stage,
The National Student, and Broadway Baby.

Most of us would kill for reviews like them. Many of us have.


Anonymous said...

Getting the title correct first and then using spell check! It is there for a reason

Anonymous said...

It's because everyone wants to go and see it.

Wit and sophistication is also there for a reason.