Thursday, 18 November 2010

All I Want for Christmas

What do you want for Christmas? The New Jamie Oliver book? A lifetime subscription to Sky Sports? Or maybe even an Ipad. Well we know what Katy Darby wanted, and her wish has been granted. It's a full production of All I Want for Christmas. We last saw Katy in September when we had a reading for her high-scoring musicless musical ( you had to be there ) Girlfriends. Well here's one she co-wrote earlier. Being as it's on at the Jermyn Street Theatre I reckon that qualifies as a West End Premiere. Hats off to Katy. It was actually done as a one act play at P-P, at the Horse and Groom. But since then it's been expanded, and songs have been added, co-written by Luke Bateman. All in all, it's another major achievement in a stellar year for productions by P-P writers.

Desperate for a perfect Christmas, Tone hires escort girl Irina to pose as his girlfriend when he goes to his parents for Christmas Day. But tensions soon rise and secrets spill in this black comedy about obsession, the search for happiness, and why It's A Wonderful Life is the most important film ever made.

Katy Darby and Luke Bateman are winners of the 2010 Mercury Sounds Of England Competition.

( I didn't know that. Ed )

"Twisted, thought-provoking and outrageously funny ... the perfect antidote to the usual saccharine fare that fills London's theatres over the festive season." Desmond O'Connor

"Darby and Bateman are the real thing" BBC 2

Jessica Martin, Andrew C.Wadsworth with Erica Guyatt and Rob Hughes

Tuesday to Saturday 8.00pm Saturday & Sunday matinee 4.00pm

Tickets: £16.00 £12.00 concessions

Not suitable for children under 12

Call the Box Office for further information on: 020 7287 2875

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