Thursday, 2 April 2009

A Kind of Loving

We all remember the movie: Alan Bates, smouldering away among the Yorkshire dales. Well now, here's the play. Or rather the plays. But there's no Alan Bates, no dales, and no connection with Alan Sillitoe. Yes, it's competition time, our usual end of term jamboree where P-P's finest talents engage in an unseemly scramble to be top of the short play tree. It's also a great opportunity to see some of the newer actors treading the boards. It's quite hard for a newbie to prove themselves at P-P. Usually the writers go for the tried and tested. But on Competition Night, this is the chance for the newcomers to shine.

This term, as a one-off experiment, we've extended the length of the plays from 5-10 minutes to 10-15 minutes. Let's see how that works. One inevitable consequence was that more plays than ever wouldn't make the cut. We've seen two of them already by Alison Wilkie and Simon Desborough. There'll be another couple to be shown in May, again out of competition.

But this coming Monday, April 6th it's A Kind of Loving.

Be there.

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Peter T said...

It was an interesting selection of writing. The winner and run-up each had humans loving robots which tells you something about C21 Peter Vincent's wartime recollections were beautiful done and John Hone's spoof of Under Milk Wood was closer to Dylan Thomas than anything the great man wrote, lyrically read by our Boyo from the Valleys: Silas Hawkins.