Thursday, 26 March 2009

House on the Hill

Sam South makes her P-P debut on Monday, with two episodes from her proposed sitcom, "House on the Hill".

According to Sam's website it's:

"A six x 30 min high concept sitcom series about five very different characters who live in House, itself a very nervous character. Christine is a very gifted medium but has absolutely no tact or diplomacy; Magda is a basement dwelling agoraphobic jam-making alternative therapist who out of jam making seasons earns money as a Dominatrix, who dismisses Christine's real talent for the fights that inevitably break out after Christine's gigs. Saul is a UFOlogist who lives in the attic and can physically only ever look up, and who brings out the rival protective nature of both lead women. Shelley and Dave could actually appear quite normal, but for the fact they are laid back “have a go at anything” structural engineers from New Zealand. Christine also has a belligerent crystal ball called Kevin, and only Christine can hear House and Kevin speak, though they are usually rowing".

But that was before Mark Crumpler got his greasy mentor's hands on it. What's it like now? Find out on Monday.


Anonymous said...

What's it like now? It's shorter, tighter, and is making my cast in rehearsals laugh so I am happily encouraged. Sam South

Anonymous said...

That went well then! And Tim saw me the other day and said "Hello Weird Person!" Fabulous. Sam South x

Peter T said...

Some great performances and a very big idea. We were lucky to have Katharine Way in the audience who knows all there is to know about writing for TV and she gave some excellent and very positive comments. Loved the all-seeing spiritualist (Mia Holmes in irrestible form) and her grumpy crystal ball (Johnny Hansler).
Peter T

Anonymous said...

And I think Anthea Courtenay has every right to be proud, for being the greatest Dominatrix. Beats playing grans! Sam South (and I really should "log on")