Friday, 6 March 2009

Webmeister Wanted

Or a Webmistress.

Anybody, really. Kim Sheard has done sterling work getting this site up, but the time has come for the baton to be passed on to a member who is ready, willing and able to maintain the site for the future, on a voluntary basis, adding new material and subtracting old, as the occasion may require.

It is a great opportunity to acquire and use Lightroom 1 which will be provided by P-P to enable you to upload all those Gallery candidates who missed the deadline and which could also be useful for arranging photographs on your own website (if you have one).

So, if you fancy it, do get in touch with Peter Thompson. I'll be taking over in the interim, but doing that, the programme, and the blog isn't really humanly possible. And I alway seem to get all these /..." and <> all mixed up all the time.

You wouldn't want me keeling over of a heart attack, would you?

Not yet anyway.

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