Tuesday, 21 April 2009

For the Love of Mary Conway

Well I thought that went well. And so, judging by the score of 64%, so did you. There were some good comments afterwards too. Phil Philmar, in particular, picked up on the plotting coincidences and contrivances. He had read it of course, which helped. Curiously, I couldn't disagree with the points he raised, but for me they didn't seem to matter. Indeed, the contrast between the improbabilities of the plotting and the naturalism of the dialogue and characterisation was one of the play's strengths.

Many suggestions for different ways to go too. Get rid of the cop? Build up the girl? Change her character? Or make her more pro-active in the storyline? She did seem to be a bit of a commentator, rather than someone who made a difference to things.

Intriguingly too, when I raised the question of the title, a lot of people seemed to agree. You can't do puns in a serious play. On the other hand, nobody, including me, could think of a better one.

Anyway, a rewarding evening.

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