Thursday, 23 April 2009

Turbo Tina and the Rocket Ravers

Hey, folks it's Tim Gambrell-time:

Best Actor of the Year for two years running ( which isn't too bad considering he's only been coming three ); Producer of the Showcase; the man who revived the dying art of stage-directions-reading the way Shane Warne revived the dying art of leg spin; occasional deputy to Tony Diggle as the Man with the Money. And he writes stuff: plays, tv comedies, and radio sitcoms. For all I know he probably churns out lyric poetry in his spare time. To get the full flavour, you'd have to combine Leonardo Da Vinci with Orson Welles. Plus a sprinkling of jokes.

Now he’s back at P-P with Turbo Tina and the Rocket Ravers, two episodes of a radio sitcom. It’s sci-fi.

Monday. 7.45. Be there.

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