Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Whatever Happened to Rick Marks?

It's over four years since Whatever Happened to Rick Marks? last played at P-P. Long enough to deserve a second go. Then, it came it at under half an hour. Now, it's a full-blown hour. As writer Francis Beckett explains:

“In 1968, Marigold, Anne and Rick rioted in Grosvenor Square, occupied the university administrative building, smoked a lot of dope and had sex with each other. Forty years on, they find that the sexual tensions and jealousies are as painful as ever they were, the desire to change the world as urgent – but neither are as innocent as they used to be. Whatever Happened to Rick Marks? Is a comedy about the decline of the baby boomer generation.”

Francis knows a lot about the baby-boomers. I remember the last reading well, and recall thinking how many different directions it could go. Come along on Monday 29th April at 7.30 and we can all find out.

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