Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sight-reading Workshop & In The Cellar

There's a double bill of excellence at P-P on Monday 22nd of April, with an early, six thirty start for a workshop for actors explaining the ins and outs of sight-reading, run by Carrie Cohen. Then after a breather, we continue with a reading of a script by Carrie's nom de plume, Carolyn Eden. It's act one of In The Cellar.

As Carrie explains:

'The story follows Barbara Caswell’s quest for a reason as to why she miscarried.  Appalled at the cavalier attitude of organisations dealing with environmental pollutants and her husband’s insensitivity, she seeks refuge in the cellar of her new home with tragic consequences. The story is mostly set in the near future in a small English town where trains rattle through at night carrying nuclear waste and farmers spray their crops; all perfectly health-and-safety checked, a long way from Fukushima prefecture".

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