Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hallo Vera

The Summer term begins with "Hallo Vera", a sitcom by Debbie Nagioff. I dimly recall reading a draft of this a good two or three years ago when it was called "So Sue Me". It has now been through the PP Collaborative Group's remodelling methods and has been transformed "in every possible way", says Debbie. She continues:

"Behind every unmarried Jewish girl, there’s a Jewish mother pushing, pushing and still pushing her to change that status.

Divorcee, Ruth Gold, struggles with acres of anxiety, streams of stress and much low self-esteem. Her mother Lillian, a glamorous 50-something bombshell, is a constant reminder to her about what she lacks in sex appeal.

Set against the backdrop of a law firm, Ruth Gold’s life is one long stretch of disastrous dates, set up by her mother and well-intentioned friends, but things begin to change when she encounters the mysterious Vera, a “woman” with a past.

"Hallo Vera” is a pilot sitcom running approximately 30 mins. Come along to the Three Stags on Monday at 7.30.

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