Thursday, 8 September 2011

Triple Bill

September 12 at the Phoenix brings us a diverse selection. First up is the return of Jethro Dykes. He gave us some poems last term all concerning the wacky world of acting. Among the appreciation were a few brickbats saying they didn't rhyme enough. Has Jethro changed his ways? Find out on Monday, at 7.45.

After that comes a fifteen minute monologue from Nick Myles, entitled Friends Like Steve. Nick also debuted this year, with the full length stage play Anna's Eyes. This monologue, "the story of Lee, an ordinary bloke whose chance encounter with an old friend has unexpected consequences" is about to get a full performance at the Fifteen Festival at the Space later this month, and is being held out of competition ( as they say at Cannes ). That is to say, rather as with Jethro's pieces, the discussion will be informal, and without marking sheets.

Then, to round things off, we have Debbie Maya's first play for us. I say first, but she has won the competition this year already, so she is no novice to writing. Her piece, The Foot of the Bed, concerns "Delia, who is dying in hospital. At the foot of her bed are her deceased grandparents Bert and Reen who are waiting for her to pass over and take her soul on its journey..."

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