Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just One Day

September 26 brings us one of the highlights of the term, a brand new full length stage play by Mary Conway, entitled Just One Day. Let Mary explain:

"The play is set in the kitchen/living room of a converted warehouse near the river in South London. It is late spring.

Inside the building, a disparate group of inhabitants struggle to survive in a hostile world. They have little or nothing in common but somehow conspire to form a kind of symbiosis that allows them steadfastly and determinedly to stay afloat.

Meanwhile in the street outside, a disparate horde of displaced individuals combine to wreak havoc and vent their anger on the world at large.

Into this world of misfits, comes Owen – fresh from greener pastures. Or is he? And what does a charismatic mate like Aston have to answer for? Also, what does a life size statue of Jesus have to do with a prostitute and the overfull rubbish bin?

The plays shows us the detail of just five people’s lives, in all their comedy and pathos, as – like thousands out there – they battle with the vagaries of circumstance, and shoulder the realities of dispossession".

7.45 at the Phoenix.

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