Saturday, 17 September 2011

Another Triple Bill

Always the way. You wait a long time for a triple bill, then along come two, one week after the last lot. Last week they came from a diverse set of sources, but this Monday they are all written by Louise Larchbourne, who has rejoined us recently after many a years absence. Let Louise explain:

"These scripts, one for TV and the other two for radio, emerged from a course I took in order to develop confidence in plotting and making people up. I took to it; of the three, Terence Gets it Out is a comedy with strong hints of the ridiculous – neatly reflecting my impression of life so far, and inspired by an Ayckbourn piece which puts it squarely in an English tradition.
Of the two radio playlets, one is a version of the other, taken to an extreme via the MO of Greek tragedy (more or less); it was written at high speed and with glee. I hope you enjoy them.

I’m developing a couple more as I type".

'Nuff said. Monday at 7.45 at the Phoenix.

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