Thursday, 10 February 2011


So what do you fancy for Valentine's night? A quiet candle lit dinner, staring dewy-eyed into your loved one? Or an evening of high drama at Player Playwrights? Why not do both.

We all know and revere Bill Gordon for his contributions to the PP competitions and the occasional co-written sitcom with Peter Vincent, but he does occasionally branch out to other, more traditional, areas, like the good old fashioned stage play, and on Monday we're getting TROYBOYS. It's the wooden horse version, not the computer virus. The play may seem vaguely familiar to long time members of PP as an earlier version was read about ten years ago, but that was before my time.

It's only forty minutes long, so you'll still have time to get home with a bunch of dandelions dug up from the neighbour's lawn. At any rate, it's bound to be better than this monstrosity. The trailer's only three minutes, and even that's boring.

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