Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Childsplay and The Burning Times

I trust we are all fully replenished after a good night's rest. But while we sleep others work, and none harder than Helena Thompson who has two pieces of news. Her play Childsplay continues its site specific run til the end of this week. Read about it here and here. And get tickets here.

And that isn't all. At the end of the month there's a production of Helena's 45 min play The Burning Times on Radio 4 at 2.15pm on Friday Feb 25th. It's a "modern gothic drama", is set in a block of flats, and was recorded on location.

Congratulations. I'll set the Humax for it.

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City Gent said...

CHILDSPLAY is extremely entertaining - I made a fool of myself with a skipping rope - but don't forget to assume the thermals. Normand Park is not exactly a blasted heath but there isn't much cover.