Thursday, 17 February 2011

Anna's Eyes

Monday 21st February brings us what I think it's fair to call a psychological thriller with socio-cultural references. That is, it's about the world of contemporary art. I read it a while back, and found it spooky.
It's a full length stage play, and is written by a P-P debutant, Nick Myles. Nick has recently completed City University's Scriptwriting MA, and was awarded a Distinction. Indeed, the main constituent of the MA was write a full length play. Anna's Eyes is the result. So come along on Monday, and see if the tax-payer has got his moneyworth.

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This was an excellent reading of a well-written play. The successful artist who needs a beautiful young assistant because he is going blind is a fine premise. The assistant's lover is a possessive and less successful artist and a crashing bore about his unique creative talent. But not, one would have thought, a murderous gouger. Didn't Chekhov say that if a pen-knife is to do some gouging in the final Act you have to see it hanging on the wall in Act One? No, I didn't think he did. But an early glimpse of the knife might have helped with the suspense and the credibility [That's enough carping. Ed]